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.Earrings. Hand made. 22K

.Necklace, Hand made. 18K

.Ring, Hand made, 22K

Joint project with Yoav Tikochinsky. Group exhibit, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel. Beaten Gold.

.Ring, Hand made, 22K

.Ring, Hand made, 22K

Nylon. Gold Leaves,  Group exhibit.Museum Tel Aviv, 'Chain Reaction'.

Earrings. Lost Wax Casting. 18K.

Rings.Fine Silver.Israeli Jewelry 5 Sequences;Identities. Group exhibit, Eretz Israel Museum, Israel.


Each original Micha Yehieli piece is a timeless jewel, released in limited series. With a deep connection to the material used, Micha Yehieli shapes each design using original images, at once sensual and exact. His personal interpretation translates into jewelry that is enduring, novel and unique. Micha Yechieli’s personal design language is deeply embedded into each of his pieces, forming jewelry with indescribable presence and personality.

    Design: Yasmin Vinograd